Factory Scheduled Maintenance in Dundalk, ON

Preventative Maintenance for Vehicles

In Dundalk, ON, at Roy’s Service Centre, we know how important it is to take care of your vehicle through preventative maintenance. This regular upkeep not only helps your car last longer but also makes sure it runs well and keeps you safe on the road. Our skilled technicians are here to make sure your vehicle stays in top condition with services designed specifically for your car.

Why is Preventative Maintenance Important?

Preventative maintenance matters for a few reasons:

Better Safety: When we regularly check your vehicle, we make sure important parts like brakes, tires, and lights are working perfectly. This reduces the chances of accidents caused by mechanical problems.

More Dependability: By fixing small issues early, preventative maintenance helps stop big problems and expensive repairs later on. This means your car stays reliable, getting you where you need to go without any unexpected stops.

Longer Lifespan: Just like how regular check-ups keep you healthy, routine maintenance makes your vehicle last longer. It helps us find and fix small problems before they turn into big ones, saving money in the long term.

Improved Performance: Keeping your vehicle well-maintained means everything inside works better. This leads to better gas mileage, smoother driving, and an overall better experience behind the wheel.

What Does Preventative Maintenance Include?

At Roy’s Service Centre in Dundalk, ON, we offer a wide range of preventative maintenance services:

Oil Changes: We make sure your engine stays lubricated and protected with regular oil changes using high-quality motor oil.

Tire Care: We rotate your tires to make sure they wear evenly, prolonging their life and giving you better traction. We also check tire pressure and condition for safety and fuel efficiency.

Battery Checks: We test your car battery to make sure it’s in good shape, especially before harsh weather hits.

Brake and Light Inspections: We look at your brakes, turn signals, brake lights, and more to keep you safe and visible on the road.

Spark Plug Replacements: Worn spark plugs can hurt your gas mileage and cause engine problems. We swap them out when needed to keep your engine running smoothly.

Belt and Filter Inspections: We check your serpentine belt and cabin air filter to prevent unexpected issues and keep your car running smoothly.

Transmission Service: We change your transmission fluid regularly to avoid costly repairs and keep your gears shifting smoothly.

How Often Should Preventative Maintenance Be Done?

The timing for maintenance tasks varies based on things like how much you drive and what kind of car you have. Here’s a general idea:

Oil Changes: Usually every 8,000 to 12,000 kilometres, but it can depend on your vehicle.

Tire Rotations: Recommended every 9,500 to 13,000 kilometres to keep your tires in good shape.

Battery Tests: This should be done yearly, especially before tough weather hits.

Brake and Light Checks: Regular inspections are a good idea, like during oil changes or every six months.

Choose Roy’s Service Centre for Vehicle Maintenance in Dundalk, ON

Keeping up with preventative maintenance is crucial for your vehicle’s health and your safety on the road. At Roy’s Service Centre in Dundalk, ON, we’re dedicated to helping you maintain your car’s performance with our thorough preventative maintenance services. Contact us today to schedule your next maintenance appointment and keep your vehicle in top shape!

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